Posting Scores on the GAM / GHIN App or Website

A Golf  Association of Michigan (GAM),, membership will be provided for all HVWGC members except Learning League Level 1 members.  Learning League Level 1 members may request GAM membership but then must pay an additional $25.  All HVWGC members who have a GAM membership, including subs, have the responsibility to post their scores online.

 If you are unable to post your score contact your league chair. 

Contact the HVWGC Handicap Chair: Cindy Hill -, (not GAM) if you are having any problems with your GAM Handicap.

To post a score: 


When possible, all players are expected to play by USGA rules and HVWGC local rules so all scores, both league and non league, can be posted on GAM.


Know Your Index:  The GAM website,, has updated information about each HVWGC member's index.

For additional information on golf handicaps and your index:



HVWGC established in 1991

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