Do you need a golf sub?

Do you want to be a golf sub?

It is the expectation of HVWGC that when a member cannot golf at their regularly scheduled tee time that they will find a sub.  At the beginning of the season, each member receives a directory which includes a list of members who are interested in subbing, and for which leagues they are available to sub.  Members also have the opportunity to use our "HVWGC golf sub" Google group to request a sub and to respond to that request.

 To join the "HVWGC golf sub" group, send a request via the Contact Us Page or send an email to:       

You will be contacted after you are added and can use the Sub group.

Once you are a member of the group:  If you need a sub:

  • Subject line:  Sub needed, day of week, date, golf course (sub needed, Monday, May 16, Leslie Park).

  • In the body of the message you can include the specific details, your name, tee time, partner, contact phone number, etc.  Google groups will now send an email to everyone in the group.  If someone is able to be your sub, they will reply to the email.

  • Once you have found a sub, post another message:  Subject line:  Sub found: day of week, date, golf course.

If you want to sub:

Whenever someone posts a message on the HVWGC golf sub group, you will get an email with the information.  Reply to that email if you are able to sub.  To leave the group, send an email to or use the Contact Us Page.


Note:  Please DO NOT sign up to be a sub until you have paid your $50 membership dues.  Even if you want to "sub only", you need to be an HVWGC member in order to sub.  All subs must have a USGA/GAM handicap index.

There is a $10 fee to sub on any of our 9 hole Regular Leagues and $15 for18 hole Regular Leagues.  There is no fee for subbing on the Starter Leagues.   Payment should be made to the League Chair by cash or check (payable to the league chair.  Fees are to be turned in with the scorecard on the night of play.  Cart fees are additional unless carts are required and included in the green fees.

HVWGC established in 1991

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