If you  are a returning member:

Starting September 1, current league members may sign up to return to  play next year in the same league by paying the $50.00 membership fee ($25.00  for Learning League Level 1) by October 15th.  The Member Sign-up Form will be emailed to members and is also available here:  Member Sign-up Form

A second early sign up will run between October 16th and November 15th, when a member may sign up for a league other than their current one, or request  a second league if space is available.  There is a $10.00 charge for each additional league.

After November 15, all sign ups will be treated equally regardless of membership classification.  Blind draws will be used to fill any remaining spots when members have the same date of application receipt.

Please consult the Handbook for additional information:  HVWGC Handbook

If you  are a new member:

The Member Sign-Up Form is also used for new members wishing to join HVWGC.  New members will be considered for vacancies on leagues starting November 15th.   Prior to November 15th is used for returning members only. We offer both Regular Leagues and three levels of Starter Leagues.

Regular Leagues:  For experienced golfers with a USGA/GAM handicap (or can qualify for one), two-person teams compete for both individual and team placement throughout the golf season.

Starter Leagues:

Learning League Level 1:  For women with no golfing experience, lessons and on-course play are provided on a short course.

Learning League Level 2:  For golfers with minimal experience, lessons and on-course instruction strengthen golf skills, rules and etiquette knowledge.

Intermediate Leagues:  for those who have some golf experience but do not have a handicap, or don't feel they are ready for a Regular League yet.

Substitute Player:  For players with a USGA/GAM handicap (or can qualify for one), substituting on a Regular League allows those unable to commit to a weekly schedule to enjoy golf at a variety of courses at reduced rates, at times and dates that are convenient.

See our Member's Handbook and the Leagues page for further information.

New members must mail the completed Member Sign-Up Form, along with their $50.00 membership fee ($25.00 for Learning League Level 1), to the address listed at the bottom of Member Sign-Up form.  There is also an additional $10.00 per league, if joining more than one league. 


If you do not currently have a handicap, you can qualify for one by providing a minimum of the equivalent of five 18 hole scores from the past year, played on GAM rated courses.

Please use this form to submit your scores.  Handicap Information Form

HVWGC established in 1991

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